Happy Birthday


Three hundred and sixty six days ago I started posting daily on this photoblog and I haven’t skipped a day ever since. As many things in life, this blog had to take a couple of turns before becoming what it is now. When I started I wanted to publish pictures from my phone, so to quit the platform dependency that is offered by Instagram.

After a few days it was clear that it was unsustainable and I ended up quitting it. I had sporadic posts for a while and then, on the day of my 35th birthday I restyled into a pure street photography blog, with one black and white picture every day.

At the very beginning I was adding a picture every day, but then I started scheduling posts. It felt like cheating but it was the right decision. It allowed me to focus the selection and publishing of my best pictures every couple of weeks, taking the right time for it, without rushing things, between day-to-day tasks.

This post is meant to thank you, dear reader, who are casually spending a bit of your time here, or you subscribed to this blog. In a year, more than 230 people followed this stream, and many of them show up to drop a like or a comment every now and then.

This was my first 365 project, and even if it was a leap year, I realized that sometimes I published the same picture twice. So let’s call it a draw, and it’s fine.

So, what happens now that the 365+1 is complete? 

I have more pictures to publish, so no worries, I’m not going to quit any soon. I’ll keep it daily and this is pretty much I wanted to say.

As I mentioned above, I started this daily series one year go, on the day of my birthday. This makes easy to guess that today is my birthday again. Is you feel like drop a comment here I will be happy to read it.

If you want to follow the other daily blog I have, where I truly post every day without scheduling posts, reblogging stuff I like, telling stories, showing videos, simply head to https://lucasartoni.com/blog, and subscribe there too.

Thanks again for your time, have another great year!

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  1. Well done! I’m at 316 days on my blog currently, but I think I managed way longer than that when I first started posting photos. I have no intention of stopping once I hit 365 either! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Luca! I’m so happy you dedicated to this project. I look forward to your photos every day. Amazing work sticking to it and posting every day.

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